Our Approach to Sustainable Development

We want to make sustainable development easier.
That’s why we develop products and technologies to help people better understand their impact and actions.
We are adding advanced features to our core products to help 1 billion people reduce their environmental footprints.
So far, we have made great achievements in four areas:

Climate commitment

This is HIPOYO’s commitment to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050.
In addition, we are on the road to using 100% renewable energy to power our operations by 2030.

Our companions

We are committed to ensuring that all our partners and customers around the world receive basic dignity and respect.

Sustainable operation

From our company reducing the use of paper and water to the use of sustainable clean energy.
In addition, we are increasing investment in the research and development of biodegradable materials.
We are committed to building sustainable enterprises for our community and the world.


Environmental Protection

HIPOYO focuses on environmental issues and is committed to reducing any adverse impact of our products and operations on the environment.

Environmental impact of products and services

Energy-efficient products and solutions mean saving our customers a lot of money while reducing their impact on the environment.
We consider the environmental impact of the product at all stages of the life cycle-from the first sketch on the drawing board to recycling at the end of the life cycle.

Environmental ecology

Our HIPOYO is constantly improving, and the group is committed to reducing the use of plastics or replacing them with recycled materials.
Minimize the environmental impact of these aspects by measuring data and setting goals, and trying to use alternatives.

Our Environmental Goals:

Energy and carbon reduction, transport pollution, recycling and waste management.

Carbon emissions in 2025
Free from felling trees every year
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Meeting global renewable energy needs
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