Social Engagement

As an international supplier to key customers and brand owners, we recognize the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and our obligation to serve all stakeholders responsibly and in a sustainable manner. We are committed to integrating environmentally responsible behavior into business decisions, product development, and production processes. We uphold the highest professional and ethical standards, and we encourage and support all of our employees to make a positive impact in everything they do, whether in the workplace or in their local communities.

Our Social Priorities

Our social investment strategy is consistent with the United Nations Sustainable Development goals (UN SDGs) and focuses on three areas:


We focus on the ethics of diversification, staff training and development, fair trade and working conditions, and we choose our supply chain with the same requirements.


Energy and carbon emissions reduction, transport pollution, recycling and waste management require companies to use greener materials to make the world a better place.


Philanthropy and community partnership, the community is the core of every society, enterprises should have a sense of mission. Therefore, we are very concerned about our social responsibility and help some people in need.

Our Social Investment

HIPOYO’s social investment strategy aims to provide a comprehensive framework to guide by.
HIPOYO’s social investment:
◉  Invest in areas where we believe we can make a unique contribution, demonstrate leadership and add value.
◉  Address the global sustainable development challenges that are most relevant to our business and strengthen our social values by making positive and significant contributions to the environment and society.
◉  Commit to establish long-term partnerships with groups and associations and make temporary investments to achieve common goals.