Wholesale Mini Multi-color Washable Coloring Crayons Non Toxic

Non-Toxic and Safe: Our Wholesale Mini Multi-color Washable Coloring Crayons are manufactured by trusted China manufacturers using non-toxic materials, ensuring they are safe for children to use. Parents can have peace of mind knowing their little ones are exploring their creativity with crayons that meet strict safety standards.

Compact and Portable: These mini crayons are designed with a compact size, making them perfect for little hands to hold and manipulate. Their portable nature allows children to take their coloring adventures anywhere, whether at home, school or on the go.

Vibrant and Diverse Colors: With a wide range of vibrant and eye-catching colors, these crayons encourage artistic expression and creativity. Children can explore their imagination and create colorful masterpieces with the multitude of hues available.

Washable and Easy to Clean: Our crayons feature a washable formula, making cleanup a breeze. Parents can easily remove crayon marks from most surfaces, ensuring a mess-free coloring experience. This feature saves time and effort while promoting cleanliness.

Durable and Long-lasting: Built to withstand the enthusiastic coloring of young artists, these crayons are made with durability in mind. They are designed to last, providing long-lasting coloring fun and allowing children to enjoy their favorite crayons for an extended period.

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Our Wholesale Mini Multi-color Washable Coloring Crayons offer a delightful and safe coloring experience for children, proudly manufactured by our trusted China manufacturers. These crayons are designed to ignite creativity and provide hours of artistic enjoyment.

With their compact size, these mini crayons are perfect for little hands. They are easy to hold and maneuver, allowing children to have better control over their coloring strokes. The smooth texture of the crayons ensures effortless coloring, enabling children to express their imagination with ease.

Safety is our top priority, and as reputable China manufacturers, we ensure that our crayons are made from non-toxic and child-friendly materials. These crayons have undergone rigorous testing to meet stringent safety standards, providing parents with peace of mind as their children explore their artistic talents.

Our Wholesale Mini Multi-color Washable Coloring Crayons come in a variety of vibrant colors. From bold primary shades to soft pastels, these crayons offer a wide spectrum of colors to inspire creativity. The high-quality pigments used in our crayons produce vivid and long-lasting colors, allowing children to create vibrant artworks that they can proudly display.

One of the standout features of our crayons is their washable formula. Parents will appreciate that these crayons can be easily washed off from most surfaces, making cleanup hassle-free. Whether children are coloring at home, school, or on the go, these washable crayons ensure a mess-free coloring experience.

These Wholesale Mini Multi-color Washable Coloring Crayons are ideal for schools, daycares, art centers, and retail businesses looking to provide children with high-quality coloring tools. Their portable size makes them perfect for travel, allowing children to indulge in their creative pursuits wherever they go.


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Suitable for children over 3 years old to play and draw